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Wednesday, 13 October 2021
  Hatchling and adults leopard tortoises R 3,000
Health captive bread leopard tortoises and adult leopard tortoises available healthy and happy
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Monday, 30 November 2020
  Breeding pair of rosy boas R 3,200
3 year old breeding pair of rosy boas, proven breeders. Must be sold as a pair. Call on 0620773228…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Saturday, 5 September 2020
    Looking for baby tortoise R 500
Hi Looking for a baby tortoise .budget R500-R600 I'm in Johannesburg
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Friday, 26 April 2019
  Baby Bearded Dragons Stunning 10 Weeks Old R 1,500
Baby beardies just 10 weeks old very healthy and lively feeding on small dusted crickets now ready…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Thursday, 17 January 2019
    Hi im looking for a middle to large tortoise R 500
Hi do u know where i can get a tortoise. I have atortoise but it gets lonly when im in school. Plz…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Friday, 12 October 2018
    Hello I'm looking for a middle sized leopard tortoise R 1,000
Hi lm looking for a leopard tortoise for sale
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Friday, 14 July 2017
    Looking for green iguana
Please let me know if anyone has some for sale. Thank you.
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Tuesday, 29 September 2015
  Feeder insects R 18
Super worms 100 @ R65 250 @ R153 500. @ R175 1000 @ R312 Meal worms 250 @ R18 500 @ R36 1000 @ R72…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Sunday, 20 July 2014
    Ant eater (pangolin)
I'm selling a wild African ant eater/pangolin (female)
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Saturday, 31 August 2013
    Ball Python Morphs R 3,000
I have 2 het piebald females (R5000)and one vanilla male(R3000) ball python for sale, they are all…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Monday, 15 April 2013
  Ball Python Morphs R 2,000
I Have the following ball pythons available: 100% het Albino Female R2000, 100% het Piebald Female…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Monday, 31 December 2012
  Snake R 1,500
Burmese Python. 2m Long.
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Tuesday, 26 June 2012
  Large-male chameleon
Healthy happy 1 year old male veiled chameleon price inc glass modern enclosure with decor calcuim…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Wednesday, 15 February 2012
  1 Year Old Male Axanthic Ball Python R 6,000
I have a 1 year old hold back male I am selling. Contact Clint from Royal Designer Reptiles.
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Sunday, 5 February 2012
  Bearded Dragon male R 2,300
Bearded dragon with cage on a table as a stand for sale. Please contact Brendon for more info
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Monday, 9 January 2012
  Ball Python Morphs R 4,000
Axanthic Male (R5000.00) and 100% Het Axanthic pair (R4000.00) for sale all 11 months old. Contact…
Gauteng › Johannesburg