Let's play - Johannesburg

Thursday, 26 July 2018
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City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
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Contact name Barbie.

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Well, let's just say this is what Jeremiah 29:11 looks like.
I'm happy. I'm content. I'm free. I'm liberal. I'm unstoppable now. #Ellediaries
The conscious decision to be happy, is nothing short of one having cogitated a life where disappointments are not one's measurement or personification of one's own esteem. Often, we are told to work hard, and when we do, we are instructed to not overwork ourselves. In other words, work towards your pursuit of success and prestige, but not so much that you make your superiors inferior. Happiness is the conscious decision to assume oblivion when amid the periphery of pessimistic servants of satan who remind you more of what you can't do, than what your strengths entail (which is quite frankly, more important for our emotional gratification). Happiness however, is that penny dropping realisation, with one self, that one's own gratification needs not be fed by compliments from society. If you know yourself, have conversations with yourself, and get to know yourself enough, you'll know yourself enough to know your own capabilities, and believe in yourself and your worth because you'll know enough about you to know what YOU are worth. Often, society claims to love an educated Black woman. But once we are graduates in whatever field, they bombard us with remarks like "just because you've graduated you think you're better..." "you being educated doesn't mean shii in the real world..." when we were kids, white children stared weird daggers at us when we couldn't pronounce their names; an attitude which birthed pressures within the black society, to raise a generation of black children whose tongues spit nothing less than twang-ridden English, out-from-the-nose English. But contrary to the popular upbringing, black children whose speech is dominated by English, are now labled as cultural degenerates... Can we ever make a society happy? Black Kids laugh at each other for pronunciation difficulties... but when our white counterparts mispronounce our vernacular names, we're told to "understand", and more often join them to laugh it off as "cute"... I'm done meeting society halfway.
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