Abyssinian kittens for sale - Johannesburg

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

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City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Offer type: Sell
Price: R 1,500


Contact name PAUL

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The semi-longhaired Somali cats have become one of the most popular breeds with their distinctive features of dramatic bushy tail, arched back and an impression of walking on tiptoe. Because of their original 'ruddy' (golden brown) color and bushy tail they were sometimes known as 'fox cats', and it's very easy to see why. They derive from the Abyssinian breed (initially as a complete surprise to the Abyssinian breeders when they appeared unannounced in litters of kittens), and are now often described by devotees as 'Abyssinians in an Overcoat'! The two breeds have many similar characteristics, including their intelligent and playful temperaments, although the Somali tends to have a more laid-back personality, with an alert expression that gives the impression of smiling, and, given half a chance, they will demonstrate their abilities as a natural hunter.


The Somali should be a beautifully balanced, semi-longhaired cat of medium build and foreign type. The head is broad and curving to a firm wedge set on an elegant neck. The body is firm and muscular of medium length, with a fairly long tapering tail. The head, body, legs, feet and tail should be in proportion, giving a well-balanced appearance, with an alert, almost smiling, expression. The coat Somali is ticked, and each hair has between three to twelve bands of color in two different shades. The bands themselves are darker than the base color and produce a glossy, vibrant sheen when the cat is in full coat during the winter. The Somali is now bred in 28 colors in the UK, including usual (a ruddy-red color), sorrel (an apricot-copper), chocolate, blue, lilac, fawn, red, cream, plus an array of shades of tortie, silver and tortie-silver. Like Abyssinians, they have a dark rim around their eyes that makes them look as if they are wearing theatrical eyeliner and they have a small amount of white on their muzzles and chins/throats. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, set obliquely and well apart, expressive and bright in shades of amber, hazel and green, the brighter the better. The Somali coat tends to be shed once or twice a year in one go, rather than like the Persians who shed throughout the summer. When they are in full coat, they have a very splendid ruff and breeches effect.