Forever Living Products - Johannesburg

Thursday, 13 April 2017

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City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Offer type: Sell
Price: R 363


Contact name Tumi
Phone 0744924230

Item description

What is Forever ?
FOREVER Living manufactures aloe base products. We have suppliments , weight management and cosmetics products, all 100% natural made from aloe. The business is not just about selling products it is a Network Marketing Business (MLM).
I personally don't sell FLP products*
I buy FLP products every month for personal use*
I enjoy FLP benefits without selling products*
SellingFLP products its a personal choice & its rewarding(Profits
Everyday i invite people to join my business & start their own FLP business*
The products are a tool to introduce people to the business through Network Marketing.
FOREVER is a PULL PULL Business not a push push Business
FOREVER is a Business so if you want to succeed you must be willing to learn and be teachable amongst your team.
It's all about Team Marketing & Support on presentations etc.
FOREVER gives you an opportunity to work & leave a Legacy for your children.
FOREVER offers travel incentives!
FOREVER owns a number of RESORTS (we have 29 Forever Resorts in SA and one of the most popular once is Bela Bela and Loskop)
FOREVER you sign your own cheque
FOREVER has car allowances (FOREVER2DRIVE)
How do you join? you join by completing a form.
After that you buy stock for R3050(1cc) or R6100(2cc)
You sell the stock at profit of 43% when you bought for 2cc. Or keep the stock to yourself if you dont want to sell.
Then you enjoy all the other benefits by recruiting people under you.
You're probably thinking...what is "CCs"... CC is abbreviation for Case credits.
Case credit is a point system used by forever to track your performance.
Everyone's target for each month is to do a total of 4CC, from manager, assistant manager down to the people that are still new to the business, its everyone's duty to do 4CC
Doing 4CC means that you are doing the business correctly...
4CC is the breathing of your business, it's what drives you in the right direction in the business...
How do you achieve to do this 4CC?..
Well there are so many ways to do 4CC:
✅Buy stock for your own use worth 1CC(its important to use stock yourself so you yourself will have first hand experience of your products)
✅Buy stock worth 2CC for retail, recruit 1person that joins and buys stock for R6100 = 4cc
✅Buy your personal 1CC Recruit a person that joins and buys 1CC(R3050) stock, recruit another that buys 2CC(R6100)stock. = 4cc
✅Buy your personal 1CC. Recruit 3 people that join and buy 1CC each. = 4cc
Each time you introduce a new person in the business and they buy their stock of R6100 the company pays you a once off payment of R1000 and if they buy for R3050 you get R580 within 10 working days just to say thank you for sharing the business opportunity with that person.
On the 15th monthly you get paid leadership bonus
You also get up to 48% profit when you sell your products
More info on products will be shared on the group
Should you need more clarity please don't hesitate to ask questions