R-2040LK/50V EasyRoute 380V Lite PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router, 5kW Water - Johannesburg

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
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EasyRoute 380V Lite PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with 5kW Water-Cooled Spindle and Stepper Motors, with 7.5kW Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (CNC Router
Product SKU: R-2040LK/50V, CNC Router, 0713242291
CNC Router Price: R 213 989.00
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Rugged Keypad Against Water, Oil, Dust and Collision, Cheap and Easy to Replace If Damaged
Achieve 0.01mm Resolution on All Axis
Linear Guide Rail in Twin Parallels Structure and Two Roller Bearing Sliders on Each Rail Guide X/Y/Z Movement
With Standalone AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute Control System, No Computer Needed, Stable System Suitable for Industrial Usage
7.5kW Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump Provides Reliable, Durable and High Vacuum Performance
High-Load, High-Speed Caged Ball Screw Transmission System on Z Axis
Accept All Kinds of G-Code File by USB Flush Drive, G-Code File Size Up to 256M
Maximum 20 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on X/Y Axis, With Factory Default on 12 Meters/Min
Achieve Under 0.5mm Per Meter Accuracy and Repeatability on All Axis
Total Four Stepper Motors on All Axis, Two Stepper Motors on Y-Axis
Working Area 2050x4000x180mm on X/Y/Z, the Area Spindle Can Reach
Maximum 5 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on Z Axis, With Factory Default on 3 Meters/Min
Clampable Vacuum Table Surface Made By PVC with Aluminium Clamping T-Slots Build In
Use Industrial 380V 3-Phase Electricity, 5 Pin 32A Plug Included
High Precision Rack and Pinion System with Helical Teeth Driving System on X and Y Axis
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Product You Will Get in this CNC Router purchase
R-DUST/100) Φ100mm Dust Hood with Replaceable Brushes for Water Cool Spindle
X-UTILITY/CD) AM.CO.ZA All-in-One Utility Disk with Softwares/Drives for CNC Machineries on a DVD
R-SPINDLE-50/100) 5kW Water Cooled Spindle, Φ100mm ER20 Three Phase 380V for CNC Router
R-2040LK/50L) AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute 380V Lite PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with 5kW Water-Cooled Spindle and Stepper Motors
T-BASIC/RE) Basic EasyRoute CNC Router Control Usage Training Course
R-CLAMP/6) A Set of Six CNC Router T-Slot Table Clamping Kits
S-ARTCAM/EXP) ArtCAM Express CADCAM Software For CNC Woodworking, Milling, Routing & Engraving
AG-CORD) Rubber Form Sealing Cord for Vacuum Table, Per 10 Metres X 3
R-ER20) ER20 Collet Essential Set, Includes Collet Nut, 6mm/12mm Holders and 3mm/4mm Adapter
A-COOLER) Generic AM-3000 Thermolysis Water-Cooled Chiller
R-HOLDER/100) Φ100mm Solid Chromoly Steel Spindle Holder for Water Cool Spindle
R-VFD-75) 7.5kW Inverter for ≤7.5kW Spindle, Three Phase 380V for CNC Router
AE-DRIVER/MS3) 3-Phase Microstepping Motor Driver ( Controller ) for Stepper Motor X 4
AE-MOTOR/450C) 86 Series 450C 1.8° High-Torque Hybrid Stepper Motor X 4
AG-VACUUM/LR/75) Generic 380V 7.5kW Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for CNC Automation
Other CNC Router Components Sell By Us
R-SPINDLE-15/2/80) 1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle, Φ80mm ER11 Single Phase 220V for CNC Router
R-PANEL) DSP Control System None-ATC for AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute CNC Router Series
R-VFD-30) 3kW Inverter for ≤3kW Spindle, Single Phase 220V for CNC Router