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Sunday, 15 July 2018
  Compact Cardboard, OCC and Plastic Recycling Baler
New REC-BACE V63OCC Vertical Downstroke Baler The REC-BACE V63OCC baler is configured for…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 45,000
Monday, 9 July 2018
  GME14-Hammermill 30HP diesel Kohler V-Twin
The GME14 Hammer Mill is an assembled hammermill rock crusher that is ready to use immediately upon…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 70,000
  3hp Electric Hammer Mill Feed Grinder
Includes blower, stand, and 3mm (1/8"), 4mm (3/16"), and 6 mm (1/4") screens. Other…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 12,000
  Palletizer vir mauri
MAKE Vir Mauri MODEL Palettizzatore YEAR 1996 PRICE UPON REQUEST For details please contact us at…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Tank in fiberglass
MAKE Amarc YEAR 2008 Tanks in fiberglass for Vegetable oil and Diesel Part of a Cogeneration power…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Mechanical press mecfond 400 ton
MAKE Mecfond MODEL S2-4000 Pressure:400 TON Model: S2-4000-2800-1600 Table dimensions: 2.800x1.600…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Oil hydraulic straight side press mossini 400 ton
MAKE Mossini MODEL PO/2M 400 YEAR 2006 Pressure: 400 TON. Model: PO/2M 400 Table dimensions: 2.050…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Mechanical press kaiser 250 ton
MAKE Kaiser MODEL V 250 WR/2340 YEAR 1990 Pressure: 250 TON. Model: V 250 WR/2340 Table dimensions…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Idra press
MAKE Idra MODEL 700/800 YEAR 1997 DESCRIPTION Encoder. Removable side column operator. Locking…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  C-frame press balconi 250 ton
MAKE Balconi MODEL MTRS/L YEAR 1986 Pressure:250 TON. Model: MTRS/L Table dimensions: 1.500x820 mm…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Press qs 150
…MAKE QS YEAR 2009 Pressure: 150 TON. Table dimension: 1.630x1.560 mm Slide Area: 1.630x1.560 mm…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Man cogenerators
MAKE MAN MODEL 2,4 MW YEAR 2008 Available n. 2 cogeneration modules for vegetable fuels, consisting…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Mold for plastic furnishing accessories
MAKE Mussida Electronics MODEL Various YEAR 2009 Mold for plastic enclosure, mold for enclosure…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Vegetable oil cogeneration plant 50 kw
MAKE Elcos MODEL GE.DZ.0090.BF YEAR 2008 Datasheet: Volts: 230/400 Hz: 50 RPM.: 1500 Weight: 1206…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Marconi melting furnace
MAKE Marconi MODEL RR 14 YEAR 1999 Automatic and oleodynamic metal loader capacity 1400 kg Double…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Aluminium die casting press italpresse
MAKE Italpresse MODEL AL300 YEAR 1974 Horizontal cold chamber aluminum die casting machine…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Die casting press idra for aluminium
MAKE Idra MODEL OL 220 PRP YEAR 1995 Horizontal cold chamber aluminum die casting machine with STP…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Friday, 6 July 2018
  Aluminium melting furnace
MAKE Marconi MODELA R14 1680/00 YEAR 2000 Kcal/hour 280.000 Temp. max 999 C° Powered by gas…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Laser cutting machine salvagnini
MAKE Salvagnini MODELL 1 4015 YEAR 2002 Laser L1 Salvagnini Configuration: ADL + L1-4015 2-500 W…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Heat dissipation plant and cooling tower
…MAKE Decsa MODEL REF-C-038 YEAR 2009 PRICE UPON REQUEST For details please contact us at +39 030…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
  Photovoltaic plant 50 kwp
MAKE Helios Technology MODEL HT 220P YEAR 2007 Panel Datasheet Nr. Panel: 224 Maximum Power (Pmax)…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Monday, 25 June 2018
  Commercial gas electric donut making machine
Donuts can be made in just a few minutes. Stainless steel case, cast aluminum model, high…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 14,000
Saturday, 16 June 2018
  Chicken egg 4576pcs commercial chicken incubator
Model: ZYB-9 Capacity : chicken egg 4576pcs, Duck egg 3276pcs, Goose 1872pcs, Bird 11492pcs…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 5,000
  Stainless Steel Automatic Chicken Plucker
2hp motor 1700 rpm On/Off switch Water hose adapter Dual Track Pulley Dual Belt Tub's Diameter…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 5,000
Tuesday, 12 June 2018
  Portable Milker Electric Milking Machine Milker
Specification: Material of Bucket :304 Stainless Steel Operating Vacuum Degree :0.04-0.05MPa…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
Monday, 11 June 2018
  Automatic Stainless Steel Small Home Oil Press Machine Mini Cold Extraction:
Family type oil press machine for peanuts, sesame, nuts, corn, vegetable seeds, flax seeds and so…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 5,000
Thursday, 24 May 2018
  Water tank trailers
Flow Bin Single OR Double braked Trailer (1.5 ton / 2.7ton Includes: Un-galvanized Chassis…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 25,500
  Water tanks
Our storage tanks are professionally designed to ensure strength, durability and safety. Water…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 2,500
Wednesday, 23 May 2018
  Mobile loading ramp / hydraulic
Mobile loading ramps from Onder Lift combine efficiency, mobility and quality for your loading…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 94,500
Sunday, 20 May 2018
  Designed to replace your lawn tractor and save you time when mowing
Some models have a hitch or option to install one and will pull a small yard cart, sweeper or…
Gauteng › Johannesburg
R 25,000
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